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MJR Concrete and Tile, LLC. is proud to be a preferred concrete contractor in the Folsom & Covington, LA area

Are you looking for an experienced concrete contractor to replace your patio or driveway? You've come to the right place. MJR Concrete and Tile, LLC. works with residents of Folsom, LA and the surrounding 50-mile radius to install beautiful concrete and tile features. Thanks to over 25 years of experience, we're able to offer exceptional concrete services.

You work hard taking care of your home, so you'll only want to hire the best people to work on it. Schedule an appointment today to get excellent craftsmanship from friendly local pros.

Why should you choose us?

When residents of Folsom & Covington, LA and surrounding areas need a reliable concrete contractor, they turn to MJR Concrete and Tile. We are:

Experienced-we've been working in the industry for over 25 years
Licensed and insured-we follow the latest standards for quality and safety
Versatile-we offer all types of concrete, tile and countertop resurfacing services

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Visit our Testimonials page today to read what satisfied customers have to say about our tile and concrete services.

Find a single provider who does it all

Instead of looking for multiple contractors to take care of everything you need, why not choose a single company that offers comprehensive services? We'd be happy to act as your:

Tile contractor
Concrete installation company
Countertop resurfacing company

If the project involves tile or concrete, we can help you out with it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.